Convert these hairstyles, please?

I'm planning to make some Final Fantasy characters however; I don't have the proper hairstyles for them so please convert the following hairstyles below... please... please?

(Hair needed for my Noctis Lucis Caelum of FF Versus XIII)

(Hair needed for my Tifa Lockheart of FFVII)

(Hair needed for the unknown Hyur,a human race, from the trailer of FFXIV Online)

I'm a 100% Final Fantasy avid fan!

I hope someone convert those. 

Those were my favorite hairs in TS2.


  1. Man and Tumtum have converted some of those hairs ;)

  2. The first one, yes. TumTum converted it.

    The second, third, and fourth, NO. Man & TumTum didn't converted them yet.




I did NOT create nor converted the meshes uploaded. I just reupload them since the files are hard-to-get or the sources of the files are dead.

Credits only goes to the original creator and EA/Maxis.


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