Ryuu a.k.a Dusk

A male sim that was supposed to be the parter of Ariz's Dawn (Find her in her blog).

Again, for the third time, he's already an old sim which I made months ago.



  1. I REMEMBER HIM!!!! AHHH!! HE'S SO HOT!!!! Him and Dawn would kick some Ass!!


  2. BEAUTIFUL. I don't know what else to say. Just...exquisite. I'd give my right arm to have him in my game...

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  4. Eehhh... I don't have a banner and also I don't know how to make it.

  5. Oh! So beautiful man!
    Please share him! I can't live without him!!! ))))

  6. Where's the download link? Do you have a Exchange account on the Sims site?




I did NOT create nor converted the meshes uploaded. I just reupload them since the files are hard-to-get or the sources of the files are dead.

Credits only goes to the original creator and EA/Maxis.


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