Snow Fox Sets-Headdress by Luluke

I originally found this at Netshow but the file is passworded until I found this accessory again in ThaiTheSims3. I re-downloaded it and the file isn't passworded anymore. Thanks to the generous file sharer who removed the password and shared the accessory in that site.  I know some of you can't register or download there at the Thai site so I uploaded the file here so others could get it.


File name: Snow Fox Sets-Headdress by Luluke.sims3pack




Luluke who made this lovely Chinese accessory
The person(I forgot the name) who was able to remove the password and shared it at ThaiTheSims3.

I used my own screenshots instead because I don't like the lighting Luluke used in her screenshots. XD


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I did NOT create nor converted the meshes uploaded. I just reupload them since the files are hard-to-get or the sources of the files are dead.

Credits only goes to the original creator and EA/Maxis.


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