Louis Earrings


For males only
3 Styles 


The earrings doesn't move if you'll edit the ears especially if you use the Pointed Ears Sliders. 
Thus, useless for elf sims or heavily edited sims. 


Additional Credits: 

Rutie for the conversion 
Ren/Louis for the mesh


  1. please erase this
    this is made by http://blog.naver.com/rutie (well it was converted by her) & i seriously doubt that other ppl made it
    she doesnt have any stuff on her blog now... so u cant see it on her blog. she's on one of sims korean site & i think she uploaded this earring on that site only
    would you please stop uploading other ppl's stuff? b/c u cant understand korean doesnt mean u can just take other ppl's stuff and upload it on ur blog i see that this was sent by a friend
    i'm also a friend of zezemic's.. she was so freaked out when u uploaded it on ur blog
    if u love sims3 & if u want ppl to make more cool items... i think u shouldnt do this (uploading stuff that's not urs) at least u can put the website or smthing

  2. i'm srry i sound like i'm tackling u... i was just frustrated...
    this korean site is so-called "hidden" there was this one person taking ppl's stuff and uploading on his blog so our manager got mad so she kicked him out & i was just thinking that this friend of urs might be him... can please tell who this friend is? i'd appreciate it my email is
    ppl began to think that friend of urs might be him his id is nday76 and he's known as epic

  3. @Erica

    Sorry, I don't know about Rutie and also about what happened to her blog. I can't give you the name of my friend since it's private & I promised to him/her not to tell his/her name to everyone. I know who's nday76 but he's not I'm referring to.

    You may give me the link of the website but because it's "hidden", you can just give me the official direct download (mediafire,rapidshare,box,rayfile,4shared etc.) and I'll post it here so I won't upload her stuff in mediafire.

    Oh, thanks to Rutie. I really love her earrings.

    We can talk about this later... I'll have to go to school. LATER!

  4. oh lol i'm srry i didnt mean to startle u...
    we're marking nday76 b/c he download stuff and upload it w/ out permission
    i guess rutie uploaded this as a private item and she didnt wanted it to be out in public
    she uploaded in the site in zipfile so i have no clue about the link
    i'd just appreciate if u erase this... thnks a lot have a nice day! :D

  5. & i'm sooooooo srry if i was like about to tackle u b/c u uploaded this on ur blog :(
    i was in a bad mood so i'm really srry

  6. @Erica

    Hello! Can you contact Rutie? I would like to ask a permission to her to upload her earrings in my blog. Is she still playing TS3 or already quited? It would be better to share it to us so we could appreciate her work rather than keeping it private.

    A person should show off her work & share it in public to know how artistic and helpful he/she is and not to be choosy or greedy, right?

    About your sorry, it's OK. You don't have to say sorry many times. I think I'm the one who must say sorry here.

  7. I already did & i'm waiting for an answer
    the "reason" why she uploaded in a hidden site was b/c she didnt want ppl to upload to other sites just like u did & she's trying not to be choosy or greedy she's trying to protect her work

  8. Oh, I see. Then I'll have to wait for her reply.

  9. Oh, ok! it'd be much better if u just erase this until her reply arrives... but it's ur way so i cant do about that
    I'll tell u asap when her reply arrives! Have a nice day!

  10. I got the official "NO". Rutie told me that this earring was "NOT" supposed to be distributed...
    she didnt ask permission to Louis about giving out conversions so she said she cant let u distribute them
    & i've got something to tell u that ppl in "hidden" site asked me to tell u... um..
    ppl would rlly appreciate u if u stop uploading stuff w/out creator's permission. If u know it's rlly precious items... just write the site if u know where it is from for sure. if u dont know, then dont upload them. why in the world r u trying to upload them in ur blog? just b/c ur blog motto is share rare items? ppl think that this is very wrong...

  11. I love how people are trying to tell you and what is right and what is wrong.

    What they're saying is so contradictory, it's hilarious. Please don't preach about what is right and what is wrong. However, A+ for the effort. GG no re.

  12. I think what Erica is politely trying to suggest is you're a thieving dick. People don't want you passing around links to their custom creations. You're basically taking what MS3B does to an extreme.

    You also sound like you're full of crap. "I can't update the album since I have been muted in that forum." You failed to mention why you were muted. Instead, you played yourself off as a whiny victim. "The Sims Cave people are picking on me! Waaah! All I did was scold people pretending like I was a moderator, when really I'm not! Waaaaah!"

  13. jenizaki, don't you assume a bit too much? "I can't update the album since I have been muted in that forum." can be considered quite neutral, so I don't see why you must come up with the whole whiny thing (whether that is true or not).

    In any case, I wanted to say that this earring set isn't made by Louis. The original mesh creator is Ren from MTS.

    Also, Erica, do you have a link to the Korean site at the specific download page? That way MS3B can give a link from his blog to that place (since you said they shared it there anyway, and that it's okay as long as we link to the source). And just in case, I also want to verify if it's a pay item from them because of what Ren wrote:

    - You may re-color my files freely and distribute your works at any site (except pay site) without additional permission, just keep the credit.

  14. My bad, I recently discovered that Ren = Louis.

  15. Is that your sim? If so is he avalible for DL?

  16. So the earrings are no longer avaliable for anyone to get? :( If anyone has already downloaded them could you please send it to me at okunioichichan@yahoo.com? I love loooved these earrings in sims 2. Thank you.

  17. @Mura

    Oh, thank you for the info! I don't know that Ren/Louis' mesh can be redistribute anywhere without permission(except paysites) and can also be modified any time.

    I agree what you said here:


    He/she converts & uploads a free-public item from MTS to a Korean site as a private item for what reason? Did he/she made the mesh? Geez...

    Mura,I hope you'll find the original source of the earrings.


    Mura's right. What's wrong with "I can't update the album since I have been muted in that forum"? Also, I never scold a Sims Cave people before so stop saying that I'm scolding them and played as a whiny victim there! It would be better if you shut up your mouth rather than saying those words that really aren't true.


    Yes, it's my sim. I'm not sure if I should really upload him because he looks like a lil bit creepy.

  18. Mastering, Mura, I agree with you both. I think it's really crummy that someone takes a free, public mesh that Louis/Ren allows free license to do what you wish with it (so long as it isn't made pay), and makes it exclusive because they "don't have permission from the original creator."

    Seeing as Louis/Ren clearly provides the permission, and that was their big reason for wanting it removed, I think the link should be re-posted.

    Yes, they converted it, and yes, they deserve credit for CONVERTING the file, but it is NOT their mesh, and I think that as per the original creator's wish for his(her?) items to remain free/public, it should be so.

  19. @Briana


    Well, because they don't want to give the original specific download page of the earrings, then I'll repost my link here.

  20. Mastering,

    Very glad to see the link back up. I'd missed it the first time around, and seeing as this was my favorite earring in TS2, I was devastated to have missed the conversion.

    Thank you very much, and don't let the haters get you down! You've made a lot of simmers very happy by posting this link :)

  21. Thanks for cheering me up, Briana!




I did NOT create nor converted the meshes uploaded. I just reupload them since the files are hard-to-get or the sources of the files are dead.

Credits only goes to the original creator and EA/Maxis.


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