Newsea Hair by Yagi

I got this hair from a chinese site, Aholma (registration required). It's a Newsea hair converted by Yagi. I uploaded this because the hair can't be found it in MS3B so here you go:




For males only?


Additional Credits:

Yagi for the conversion
Newsea for the mesh


The official link of the hair is in Yagi Sims but you need an Daum account to download his/her creations there. I think there's a tutorial provided on how to register Daum for foreigners.

I just recently found out that the hair is also available in SimsCave which is here. However; the link is down.


  1. hihi, do u have any idea where can i get the hoody &earpiece from this pic?

    the pictures can be found here hairs


  2. Headphones by YuyanSims:

    Clothing is from TSR(just search for it)

  3. 0.0 The dude from picture 3 looks like Raven from Hakushaku to Yōsei, well except for the hoodie... 
    I love it! XD can you make him downloadable?




I did NOT create nor converted the meshes uploaded. I just reupload them since the files are hard-to-get or the sources of the files are dead.

Credits only goes to the original creator and EA/Maxis.


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